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Thread: Relay

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    Team Gremlin
    Evening all,

    Just wondering what people are using to fire the solenoid for heavy weight spinners?.. We previously had a turnigy one but has recently died on us, is there a better alternative out there?


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    I'll check with the team members who actually did the electronics, but I believe we used a RB-POL-309 to switch concussions' contactor. Worked fine throughout series 10, despite my concerns that it looked a bit fragile, and how close behind the drum it was. Though we did have it sat on little rubber bobbin mounts which probably helped it survive.

    Edit: Have checked, this was the one.
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    Team Gremlin
    Cheers buddy!.. We did have a look at that one but yeah like you say it looks abit fragile!.. But clearly works so we're go for that.

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