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Thread: just saying hello

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    Welcome Don to the community. What weight category are you building for? which area of the country are you in and have you watched any of the touring events?

    Remember, if you want to, start a build log for your bot, as its interesting to keep record of your thoughts, design and progress


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    Team Kaizen

    Hey there, welcome to the forum! Sounds like a good choice going into the insect classes first. There has just been an Antweight event run last Saturday but they do typically spring up from time to time, it is worth checking here and for Ant events.

    Beetle events are a little less common but they do happen, may have to travel a bit to get to one though.
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    Nice, there are a few live events, robots live, extreme robots that are around there, although they are mainly feather, middle and heavy weights. Unsure about beetle and ant, which AWS event or beetle is closer. Start up a build log for your `team' and can send some links to you on that post about ants and beetles. Also check out robotwars101 for an more ant weight specific community

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