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Thread: Alternative to Argos Drill Motors

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    Noob here. I have two of the Argos drill motors reviewed here -

    However, they have now disappeared from the Argos site (as of today 01 Feb 2020).

    Can anyone advise if these - see link below - would be any good?

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    Hiya, they are same speed at 700 rpm no load speed and are single speed and should be suitable alternatives to the discontinued Argos drills. That’s why they cleared them at cheap!

    I’m currently awaiting delivery of a set so i can design a motor mount suitable for these too, and can check on the gear stage materials.
    The black and decker drills were an alternative, however they have a plastic set of gears in the gearbox, so could be a failure point, plus the end of the gearbox was slightly fragile and have broken before.

    I can update you when I get a set delivered and advise the community further.

    an alternative is the Bosch psr 12 drills. Or 18 single speed drills.
    But that price for the drill should be good for 18v spare motors!
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    You will be pleased to know i have received the drills, and currently editing the unboxing video - mobile phone camera footage, so not the best of work.

    Mylek drill unboxing and stripping of the drill.
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    Thanks for the video Nat! I stocked up on Argos drills when they are going cheap but these look like a good bet!

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    If your fitting to an existing assembly, the gear box tor questions adjustment screw is 5mm longer tan the argos ones, so your wheel will be further out by 5mm.

    Also the end of the gearbox has loose ball bearings held in with a circlip. If that comes loose in battle you loose integrity of the gear box.
    I will shortly post the link to a bearing that can be presseen fitted to replace the 2 washers and ball bearings.
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    So, the bearings that unconfirmed which would fit into the mylek and Bosch PST 18 drills are 61701 bearings.
    These sealed bearings would replace the exposed loose bearings that ar currently fitted. These are the same as the ones from Argos drills, so if you disassemble your old Argos one, you can carefully prize out the bearing and fit it into the others.

    Will confirm this is the case tomorrow morning. In fact I have them both next to me, yes this is correct. They fit.

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    I now have mounts available for Bosch PSR18, Mylek and Argos drills

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