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Thread: Alternative to Argos Drill Motors

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    Heya, will look into this and sort something out to suit :-)

    Thank you for the warning.

    Update. I think this issues has been resolved and there wasn’t a change to the drills.
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    Hiya, I am currently awaiting one of these drills to make a mount for them. Send me a Dm :-)

    Note these are 2 speed drills so they need locking off to one speed.
    Again this is something I hope to resolve when I get one.

    Alternative drills, although slightly more expensive are mylek and others. Do me and I can send a current list
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    As an update to this post, check out this guy - he is stocking and selling some really nice 12v and 18v drill all metal custom assembled gearboxes!

    He can be contacted via DM @Roboteernat lol

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