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Thread: Antweight removable links

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    Hello chums

    Thought I would flag up a potential safety issue if, like me, you use Lipo JST connectors as a quick and easy removable link.

    Make sure that you wire in the removable link with the same polarity as the main battery link! In other words, wire the little JST connectors red-black : red-black like so.

    Link polarity.png

    If you get this the wrong way round, then you run the risk of accidentally powering up your ESC the wrong way round.

    I just managed to do this to poor little Gremlin, a few seconds later there was much smoke and crackling and a rapidly expanding lipo... Alas Gremlin now requires a new brain. 50 squid I aint getting back!

    Can anyone recommend better solutions for AW removable links? If the battery can easily be disconnected, does one *actually* need a separate link?

    All the best, 5C

    P.S. don't eat bat soup, it has coronavirus.

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    Antweights don't follow all the same rules as the weight classes beetleweight and up. Antweights are allowed to use slide switches to arm up and disarm robots (required for spinners). It just needs to be easily accessed. Another option as you brought up is you can just up unplug the battery but again it has to be easy to access and not use tools to get to it.

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    As James says, AWs technically doesn't need removable links though it should be noted the FRA rules doesn't make this distinction. I use a JST link in Lafiel. I did the wiring in the bot first and then added the link in afterwards so I know the polarity is correct.
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