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Thread: Feather & ant parts for sale

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    Hi all,

    Got a few things for sale. Please PM any offers here or on facebook/ discord

    Featherweight pneumatic setup- SOLD
    63mm bore, 90mm stroke ram
    3/2 valve
    Dump valve
    Fittings and pipework
    20oz paintball tank
    Also have a spare if you want for another £25

    Featherweight spinner parts- SOLD
    2kg disc
    42mm NTM outrunner
    100A redbrick esc

    3d printed hammer ant.- SOLD
    Includes chassis, drive motors and servo.
    No electronics

    Ant discs / bars- offers
    Found 2 more single tooth ti discs and 3 more steel twin tooth ones than shown in the pic.

    Pair of featherweight single stage gear reductions. £35 for the pair
    Aluminium mounting with 100mm wheel with a mod 1 spur gear attached.
    Mounting pattern for a speed 900 but would suit a brushless conversion with a 10T mod 1 gear attached.

    Finally I've got the Titanium blade from Little Spinner 2/ Buzzbar- open to offers on this one.

    20200118_141738.jpg20200115_071741.jpg20200114_202725.jpg JPEG_20191229_162004.jpg
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    Update time

    Feather spinner setup, ant and 1 single tooth ti disc are sold. Other ti discs are provisionally.


    Also found a couple more of the twin tooth steel ant discs- 7 in total now- £25 gets you the lot plus P&P

    Adding 2x steel antweight claws- £8 each
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    All items which have been claimed were posted today.

    The gearboxes, ant discs and claws are still there.

    I also have the brushless to go with the bar listed in the first post!

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