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Thread: New build: Scarab

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    Hello all! So I'm coming out the wooodwork and starting a build diary for Scarab! Ive been designing for over 2 years, taking advice from a lot of generous colleagues and friends...
    I have no team, just on my own so budget is small, but I am building a pincer crushing robot with a spring release mechanism and follow-up more powerful crusher (around 20t)
    I decided to do this to have a challenge, and by all accounts thats what I'll get! (Still its cheaper than off roading)

    Specs: (others seem to put this here too.??)
    Spectrum controller
    Esp32 for semi-autonomous control
    2x e300 ampflow motors with ragebridge
    Armour and structure 10mm hardox500
    Crushing force (500kg spring, 20+t lead screw)
    Weight: under 110kg (just!)

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    Team Kaizen

    Hey there, welcome!

    Specs and picture look pretty neat to me though not sure how effective a spring might be (though it'd be a quick clamp if I've read them right). Definitely will good in the arena though, need more clamper bots like this
    Team Kaizen - Build Diary for all the robots

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    BW: Shu!, The Honey Badger
    FW: Azriel
    MW: Jibril, Kaizen

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    Looks brilliant, and yeah it's great to see a clampbot! What's the rest of the machine going to look like? I'm imagining Dead Metal but less spiky...

    Am I right in thinking that the spring is for a quick "grab" to pin the opponent, and the lead screw then kicks in to deliver the slow, relentless crush of doom?

    Looking forward to seeing more, and welcome to the forum!

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    Looks great so far! Excited to see how it develops! The "semi autonomous control" sounds interesting, is that for the weapon to automatically grab when a robot comes near?

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    Hi, yeah the spring is for the quick clamp to prevent escape, then the slow crush of the jaws of doom. The spring and jaws and latch and reset are all semi- autonomous (using an esp32 dual core for watchdog). The rest of the bot will fit in that middle section (will be snug!)
    Thanks for all the kind support! All the machining is done now so just weld together and test!

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