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Thread: Team Coolspeedbot's Beetleweight build

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    Quote Originally Posted by Triceratop View Post
    Just read this thread, built a beetle weight last but never had the chance to use it, could you send me details of this event with location and dates please?
    Would also appreciate if you know of other events and date for Beetle weights.
    Many thanks and Happy New Year.
    The event take is taking place at: University of Greenwich Medway campus, ME4 4TB on the 28th and 29th of March.

    For finding other Beetle events:

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    First purchase for CSB: Echo, The 22mm gear motors from Bristol Bot Builders website and the BB10A ESCs from Ranglebox. So drive will be sorted, I have loads of scrap 10mm HDPE to make the Bulkheads and some scrap 5mm HDPE to make maybe the sides or a base plate.

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    Update time. The build is in full gear with the first HDPE parts cut and assembled. Not the best but I've never had to cut such small parts before.

    And not to long ago I did the wiring.

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    The BaneBots wheels finally arrived and the 5mm panels cut and attached to the frame.

    All that is left is to get Ti wedges and 3D print the motor mounts that support the back of the gear boxes and the motors. And make spare panels.

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    Big step reached, CSB: Echo is alive and running just need the wedge and we're ready for Beetle belt later this month.

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    Beelte Belt like all events at present got called off due to Covid 19 but at the very least I got CSB: Echo fully running and assembled for a second test drive

    Yes I know my washing machine is making a noise.

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    Oh boy has time flown (over a year in fact.)
    2020 was a wash for robot fighting but 2021 proved a more positive time.
    For those out of the loop CSB: Echo fought at the Chatham Challenge Belt at the Rapture Gaming Festival.
    After a year since the original beetleweight event was called off CSB: Echo was selected as part of the 32 robot line up.
    Not going to lie I'm still amazed my first Beetleweight got picked really.

    CSB:Echo before the event.

    Going into the event Echo had a few configs to help defend itself. 2 Hardox wedges, a Hardox top plate and a mild steel forked wedge.

    At the event I was placed in Heat B along with Maximum Ogredrive, F.7 and Scavenger.
    Yep 2 saw bots and a front hinged lifter just my luck for my first outing.

    CSB: Echo Vs Scavenger:

    Going into this fight I put my anti-saw config on which is just a scrap bit of Hardox from CSB 2.0 attached to the top. I wasn't expecting to put much of a fight in any case. However Scavenger was a little back heavy and would wheelie a little at full speed which gave me the ability to get under him and flip him over and apply pressure where I could. CSB: Echo's limited traction was proving a issue when it came to pushing against Scavenger.
    Scavenger got a few uses of his saw but it barely scratched the top as the front wedge took the brunt of the cosmetic damage. Towards the closing 30 seconds I was building up confidence in my ability to possibly pull of a win but the battle sadly ended with my bad driving as my attempt to pit Scavenger only lead to me drive straight in myself.

    A quick recharge of the battery and swapping out the top plate and I was ready for F.7

    CSB: Echo Vs F.7:

    This was a case of who had the better wedge, Luckily F.7's wedge was a little bumpy which meant I could out wedge him and get right under him. Of course it call came down to luck when F.7 attempted to ram me into the wall to lift me however I drove his wedge and F.7 had gotten his wedge stuck under the wall.
    I chose to leave F.7 to get counted out to get a win.

    No damage to repair, another quick recharge and reattaching the hardox top plate and we was ready for Maximum Ogredrive.

    CSB: Echo Vs Maximum Ogredrive:

    This was a must win for both of us. We both had 1 win and 1 lose and needed to win this battle to get into the round of 16 with Scavenger. I just went all in for this fight and was lucky to get under Ogredrive and negate his saw for a good 20 ish seconds. Then a slip up allowed Ogredrive to get my side panel then the back panel. After the pin was released it was a back and forth between us before my attempt to push Ogredrive failed and exposed my back again this time Ogredrive really dished out some deep slashes to the back but the the saw didn't reach anything that stopped CSB: Echo from working.

    The fight went to the Judges, my first ever Judges decision and a slip one at that (if only someone told me at the time.) Sadly it went to Ogredrive and I was out of the main tournament.

    With the robot still functioning, I just recharged the battery and re-config for each whiteboard I partook the following day.

    Whiteboard 1:

    I swapped to my other Hardox wedge as I though we was doing a different whiteboard fight with some horizontals. No damage was really taken from the vert and another recharge of the battery and I was ready to fight again.

    Whiteboard 2:

    CSB: Echo's drive seem to be spotty before getting flipped over and it was just impossible to get anywhere without difficulty. Other then a little bit of damaged to the horns from the side panels it was still good to go another round if there were any.

    So that was CSB: Echo's time in the arena and now I just need to improve Echo with adding a weapon and try to improve the drive.
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