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Thread: Team Coolspeedbot's Beetleweight build

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    Team Coolspeedbot is making the jump to Beetleweights with this, CSB: Echo.

    CSB: Echo is my bash at Beetleweights and as I was feeling nostalgic about building my first FW CSB 1, I thought I make my first Beetleweight a replica of CSB 1. This is the reason the Beetleweight is called CSB: Echo.

    CSB: Echo is a scaled down version of CSB 1. As the design was simplistic I took a copy of CSB 1's CAD and scaled it down. CSB: Echo is 2 times smaller in all directions. Once I rescaled I changed the bulkheads to fit the 22mm motors from the Bristol Bot Builders website. Added new motor mounts to support the motors. Modelled the Bane Bot wheels and their hubs, the ESCs and the battery.

    The plan is to get the robot build for the Beetle Belt taking place in Greenwich in March.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TeamKnightshade View Post
    This looks very cool, a very solid design.
    Thanks. Would you be going to the Beetle Belt in March?

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    Quote Originally Posted by TeamKnightshade View Post
    It's definitely a possibility!
    Well if you haven't signed up already, get it done soon ish so that know the number of peeps going. as at the moment it's like 20 ish signed up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TeamKnightshade View Post
    Just signed up now, hopefully I get accepted.
    No need to worry on that part, it's mostly just so they know how many will be attending for insurance and room arrangements. They are going to sort the tournament structure and event details closer to the event.

    But as far as I can tell there isn't a entry cap and deadline to sign up so you should be good, I signed up and the Beetle isn't built yet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TeamKnightshade View Post
    Just signed up now, hopefully I get accepted.

    Dont worry - you'll be accepted. Will send you the email all roboteers have gotten so far later on in the week.

    The reason i ask people just wait for confirmation is just so i can just do some checks on the application.

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    Just read this thread, built a beetle weight last but never had the chance to use it, could you send me details of this event with location and dates please?
    Would also appreciate if you know of other events and date for Beetle weights.
    Many thanks and Happy New Year.

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