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Thread: Arena hazards?

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    What’s everyone’s feelings about arena hazards?

    Backstory; I was planning to build a battle box for testing purposes, then realised for an extra few quid in materials I could build a full arena, planning on having on edge as full drop-off and a rounded corner “pit” with corner stops to prevent simply ramming and driving along a wall (sketch to follow shortly) but I’ve been looking at turning the other corner into a sort of radius ramp (almost like a quarter pipe) to maybe allow some sort of area to shunt opponents and turn them over/confuse/etc...

    Hopefully I can make it removable to make the arena more versatile, and it will be made from offcuts and will only cost some time.

    Really I just want to know if anyone would like that sort of thing or would I be wasting my time?

    Edit: the current design allows for a 40% drop-off, the rules state 50% but I have seen quite a few mentions of it not being too important anymore, would this be suitable?
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