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Thread: Arena hazards?

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    This sounds good, I especially like the quarter pipe side idea as I think it will suit more unorthodox designs. Regarding the 50% drop off rule I wouldn't worry about it. There was talk about changing it in the rules update vote a few months ago & even now most of the arenas I've fought in are less than 50%.

    Now that I think about it an arena with all of the dropout zones behind quarter pipes could be very interesting...
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    Sounds intriguing, I'd like to see the sketch. The 50% drop off thing I thought only applied to arenas being used for AWS (it is one of the reasons why the BotFest one doesn't meet the criterion for it).
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    For some reason I can’t change the orientation on my phone...

    So apologies about the quality of the artwork, I’ll spare you all the concept work and present the ‘finished’ design! I still can’t decide whether to use this kind of pyramid shape, or go for something that wraps around the corner however, this may be a decision to be made at the time... or I might make both and try them out.

    The battle box will become part of the ramp, and will be 1m square with a fighting area roughly 85x90cm minus pit and ramp.

    not shown is the extra level for sumo/games, because I haven’t designed it yet...
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    We've not followed the 50% rule for a long time even in AWS arenas, the rules were just never 'fixed' to reflect it.

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    Remember that too much 'blue' light causes effects in camera sensors and makes everything go violet in the picture.

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