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Thread: Featherweight parts for sale - job lot.

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    I've not been here for a long time so please excuse my ignorance if I break any rules posting this.

    I've gathered a collection of parts to build a featherweight robot but I've not had the chance to actually carry out a build. Now they're taking up space. Ideally I'd like sell them as a job lot for collection, if there's no interest then I'll look into splitting it and shipping costs.

    I believe everything has cost me over ~£460, I'm open to sensible offers.

    Edit: I should probably mention I'm located down near Worthing, West Sussex.

    Edit 2: Offers have been made on marked items below. I'm not splitting yet, I'll give it a few days in case someone comes forward with an offer for the lot. I'll split it after that, but I probably won't ship the Lipos due to postage restrictions.

    Edit 3: I'm going to split the job lot, those that have made offers will be contacted soon. The Lipos will not be shipped if you're interested in those you'll need to collect them, sorry.

    1 x Rory Mangles - FeatherTwo ESCs - intended to use for the drive motors. - SOLD

    3 x Hobbywing Quicrun 1060 Brushed motor ESCs - intended to use for weapons drive.

    2 x 14.8v 3300mAh Heavy Duty Turnigy Lipo batteries with included Lipo charge bag.

    2 x Argos drill motors with modified gear train. Includes HDPE motor mounts created by someone here (sorry I can't remember the name). - SOLD

    2 x Spare sets of HDPE motor mounts. - SOLD

    2 x 100mm 750N 10mm/s Linear actuators.

    1 x Black HDPE 500 x 500 x 10mm sheet. - SOLD
    1 x White HDPE 500 x 500 x 25mm sheet. - SOLD

    4 x Rubber wheels with heat mounted metal nut inserts to fit the Argos drill motors. - SOLD

    1 x Turnigy Evolution Tx (Mode 1) - Retracted from sale, decided to keep it.

    1 x Devention Devo 7E (Mode 2), I believe this has been flashed with custom firmware, I forget the name of it but I can look it up if asked. - SOLD

    1 x TGY-iA6C Rx
    1 x TGY-iA6B Rx

    Small lengths of red and black 10AWG and a couple of bundles of 12AWG wire (sorry not sure on the length).

    5 x XT60 and 5 x XT90 connectors. - SOLD

    Some grub screws to help lock the gear train for the Argos motors. - SOLD

    Few, I believe that's everything.

    Imgur gallery view of all the parts:
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    Ah very sorry, think my membership's up actually, do you have Facebook? Really interested!

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