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Thread: Uplift (BW Elevate)

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    So I have been working on a BW version of Elevate based on the experience I gained with it at the various events it's been at over the last year. It is now at a point where I have started building and its going quite well so far!
    My team will be at the Edinburgh BW event (our hometown yay) with this bot and a mildy jokebot FBS made from a pan.

    After the massive screw up on weight I had with Elevate (it was 1.5kg overweight about a week before the event) I don't want to have to repeat the quintuple amputation that occurred. So I am getting all the internals and machined bits done so I know how much they all weigh before ordering the frame.

    If you have already seen elevate you will know the general theme, giant drisk on the front with a really wide hardox chassis and 2 wheel drive. The main change this time is that I completely ditched the wedge and inside propped the body up on some forks to make the drum the first thing anyone will hit. No more being thrown out the arena (looking at you Jamie).

    The last version of the drum was a turned bar of aluminium with teeth keyed onto it with should bolts. That went REALLY wrong at the FW champs and I nearly sheared every bolt I had, sometimes at both ends...
    Taking inspiration from X-303 here and water jetting out lots of thinner plates which are then bolted together to form the complete drum.

    I also broke the TP4070 motor I was using. Its going to be clamped in this time rather than mounted just on the faceplate. A note on the long inrunner motors (or really all inrunners) the faceplate is normally bolted into a steel/aluminium flange that is pressed into the can of the motor which is normally only a few mm thick. So they do not like impacts. I suggest always clamping the can instead of relying on the faceplate like I did.

    Onto how it looks now! (haven't quite modelled everything but you get the idea)
    The top is now a sheet of HDPE so it doesn't shatter and throw the contents everywhere.
    Front armor is flat so the batteries don't crumple in the corners when it takes a big hit. I lost 3 lipos at the champs cause they got crushed so badly in big hits.

    Here is a quite rundown of the key info:

    Chassis: 2mm & 4mm hardox (weapon support so it doesn't bend this time!!!) welded

    Drum: 26000rpm, 250mph, 440g, 8mm hardox teeth, 81mm dia, 6200ZZ C3 bearings, 10mm sholder bolt for shaft

    Weapon drive: TP2040 with Tekko32 F3 Metal 65A ESC, 18t htd3 pulley

    Since the drive was the only thing that never broke I am keeping it similar, although I had to use belts due to weight. anddd the wheels ended up much narrower than I would like. SO the belt looks hilariously overkill now...

    Drive: OPBox with 2:1 reduction to 45mm wheels (15t htd3 pulley) on botbitz 10A brushless ESC

    Drive mech: HDPE wheels with 2 press fit 608zz bearings and press fit (32t htd3 pulley)


    Bottom view, the frame is all 2mm hardox 450 so its plenty strong but a tad heavy. Hence the holes

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    Quote Originally Posted by TechAUmNu View Post
    No more being thrown out the arena (looking at you Jamie)
    *whistles innocently*

    Looking good. Will be interesting to see how it performs as it should give a good idea of what the feather will be like. If it's any consolation, I'm not taking a beetle to Edinburgh that is capable of throwing opponents out of the arena. Well, Flatulence will be there but that's more of a limp wrist tumble out of the arena at most.

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