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Thread: First beetleweight robot

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    To echo what others have said, that is a great effort for a first build, well done. Using a piece of velcro to hold the link/fuse in place is fine; I always put a piece of duct tape over the link hole on my feather to keep it in place.

    As for securing the link/fuse mount so it doesn't disappear into the robot, I'll be honest that is something that has never crossed my mind. I haven't done beetles for a few years but on both of mine, the link mount just sits slightly loose in a section of the robot, with the link hanging out slightly (and with a cable tie on) so that it can be easily grabbed.

    Could always attach something to your fuse (a piece of string etc) so that even if the holder ends up further in the robot, the fuse can still be gotten to courtesy of the string.

    Best of luck with it, and see you at Edinburgh!

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    In my Beetleweight robots, I have been known to glue down my removable links to the body but in The Honey Badger, I clamped it down with a small cut of polycarbonate. The XT60 connector in that needs renewing, it is quite loose and quite old. Larger weight classes, I use a bolt between the two wires and a oversized washer to hold it in place.
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    It looks like a great well thought out first build!! 3mm aluminum (grade dependendant) will hold up well in beetleweights but I wouldnt expect it to last more than an event, maybe two at a strech. Steel is heavy on beetles, a few bots use HARDOX steel wedges however titanium (grade5+) is a very common wedge material. HDPE wedges have seen some success in the beetle classes aswell. If the robot feels sluggish then, presuming those are 12v 1000rpm motors, running them on 3s or even 4s (with approproate escs) gives those motors a huge burst in power.
    Wish you luck in scotland!!

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    Hi Dave, Landslide was a really impressive first time build, it just kept going! HDPE instead of chopping boards and I think it'll be lasting the full 3 minutes with spinners
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    Well done on your first event! I was watching the live stream and recognised Landslide when it came up - I won't deny, I had a bad feeling about how it was going to go but you did brilliantly! Very impressive.

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