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Thread: Post battle analysis and repair

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    Thank's Andrew

    Because I will be bringing 3 Robots for the next events I think a re-match is inevitable

    with at least one of my Robots.

    I'm not sure whether to rotate my selection of Robots-yes I have another- Barnsley Bruiser

    but I will probably stick with the same 3 for now if they are working well.

    Thank's Sam

    Yes my Robots did seem markedly better and I was taken back at the speed of

    Piece de Resistance in it's fight with plastic fantastic.

    Burnt out motors is my fault I guess -running 12 volt motors at 16 volts.

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    12v motors should be ok at 16v, they have usually a 50% over specified power limit. Perhaps its the brushes snapping on the small copper arms internally due to the knocks they had from combat. That is usually the case with mine when i have broken the 550 motors i use.

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    I would agree Nat, normally you could get almost continual use with a 50% over voltage but

    there are other factors like the near stall factor of the motors when trying to push another bot.

    Motors are going to run hot when over the specified voltage then you add the load it's kind

    of asking for trouble-I still include a slip clutch in the design but even that has limited

    tolerance when you push too hard so I will up the spec of my motors where I can to be

    more compatible with voltage input.

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    Quote Originally Posted by team death
    Adam had his first real go at driving since we built No Imagination now called Piece de Resistance
    and I must say I was very impressed with his control and aggression.

    Thanks for the compliment! I tried to keep things going and apply pressure, and keep on the bots without too much spare time off the ball. Hopefully we can resolve the motor issues so that method works without any issues.

    It was definitely a fun challenge keeping 3 bots up and running as much as possible, and the constant flow without too much time to think!

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