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Thread: Post battle analysis and repair

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    Congrats Colin, sounds like a successful event especially given you were running 3 machines solo!

    Nice to hear that everything was CV safe as well - not that I had any reason to think it wouldn't be, but after 6 months working from home and reading too many news stories I start to worry about these things so that's reassuring.

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    I've only been to one Dojo since Covid hit, but I have to say it's extremely well covered. There's four pages of Covid info and risk assessments included in the emails that competitors have to read first, everything is laid out to minimise contact/distance/risk etc and as Colin mentioned, Ian is on the ball with keeping things in check. Far more reassuring than the UK Government most of the time

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    Make do and mend...........
    I'm from an era when making do and mending was the norm and I guess that helps when
    you build Robots on a shoestring budget as i do.
    So on investigation I found both of my Robots wheels on Project fear were damaged-one buckled and the other
    I tried to plastic weld at Robodojo but it may not have lasted another fight.

    Now I could have ordered some new castors off e bay and it's always nice to receive a parcel but I thought
    a good refabricating session on a rainy day would be more fun, plus I save about £6.

    I started by removing both wheels and knocking out the central boss where the spindle goes-this
    was quite easy to do so it's a indication why they failed, then I used my hole saw cut four wheel
    panels to sandwich either side of where the wheel boss used to be and after hammering them into
    the wheel inner core I drilled a hole to fit the drive shaft.

    After bolting them back in place on the Robot I'm pretty confident they will now out perform
    the original wheels.

    1 the plastic welding I did at Robodojo
    2 cutting the wheel cores out of plywood
    3 finished article
    4 project fear

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    Redirect Left
    It's great to see you're sticking by these bots and doing your best to get them running again on the usual shoestring budget, demonstrating exactly what can be done at even the lower end of things! Project Fear might need a repaint, seems someones had a go at its eyes!

    Hopefully it won't be too long before you're able to get them back into action, and perhaps this time you might not need to go solo with your army of bots.
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    Thank's Adam
    Good to see yourself and other Roboteers getting back into the Robot vibe, despite the Corona virus refusing
    to go away!.
    To be honest we did learn about pandemics at school but I'm guessing nobody thought it would happen
    in the modern age with all the medicines we have-luckily its not the black death!.
    Yes running 3 Robots at an event is hard work and keeping up on the paintwork is difficult so yes you are
    welcome to lend a hand anytime
    2021 looks very exciting despite the Pandemic with new events including walkers planned.
    So carry on building and stay safe everyone.

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    Fault diagnosis.......

    Last week was the first real event at Robodojo this year with full combat and sportsman events taking

    place so I took driller queen and danger UXB with Project fear as a spare.

    So Driller Queen was playing up something chronic and there was no visible damage to the Robot-

    forwards and backwards was sort of okay but turning left or right was a real struggle.

    The problem I discovered after a full strip down at home was very specific to cordless

    drill motors left un modified by grub screws/clutch hack.

    I leave my drills with the clutch as is but the screws holding the clutch cover in place

    had come loose giving the effect of been on a very low torque setting-maybe 4 or 5

    compared to setting 13.

    In theory this could still happen even if you grub screw the clutch but the screws would

    have to come very very loose.

    The repair I used was to tighten the screws and melt weld the casing of the drill to the

    clutch housing, because of the unique way I fix my wheels on it would not be possible

    to fit grub screws as an afterthought.

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    It sounds like you could do with a couple of new casings for the drill gearbox. What model do you use as i may have a few spares of the outer casings.

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    Hi Nat

    I'm using Draper drills blue with red caps-they are very short on the body.

    At the moment the tightening of the screws seem to have done the job and considering those

    motors have had dozens of fights (originally they were in Piece de resistance ) this problem only

    just cropped up last week.

    I will see how it goes Nat and bear your advice in mind.

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    Fair enough, If they are similar to black and decker or bosch type, witht he screw on face plate then i should have some. will see if there is a pic in the thread to compare in case for the future

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    After loaning Project Fear to Brad at the last Robodojo sportsman and it getting a bit

    of a pummeling,I have finally got it battle ready again with a few modifications.

    Brad commented on how easy it was to drive during an event so no change needed there

    but the hammer always seemed quite slow compared to other axes and hammers.

    After beefing up the bodywork I decided to address the hammer speed issue which

    I have done by altering the ratio from the motor to final drive and it is shockingly

    quick now-Project fear is back-be afraid!.

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