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Thread: My first beetleweight build - some newb questions to follow!

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    You'd want to e-mail Kane at the FRA (contact info can be found on the site) but I've personally struggled to get in contact with the FRA directly and even then, I don't think they would add frequencies "on the fly" so to speak, they would consider it for the next year's build rules if a good case is put forwards for it.
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    Well things escalated quickly here. V1 was built and all parts played well together, elctrics were tested and my ideas seemed to work. However there were space issues in the main compartment and some changes I wished to make to strengthen up the overall build so V2 was designed, cut and built. Our 2 custom PCB's then arrived and were right on the money for size and weight, these were fitted and the programing began. It was at this point that we began weapons testing. That was well, interesting!

    The motor I had chosen was up to the task but the external printed gear was not. And to get the required gearing in the space we had available everything became a compromise. A V3 was designed but the calcs proved it to not be the best way forward so nothing was built.

    So at this point I was happy with the weapon system, drive system, electrics, batteries and main chassis. The issue was purely weapon motor and gearing. So I mocked up a few systems and began testing. I used one of our UAV (drone) thrust stand controllers to test each motor and gear combination to work out spin up time, amps and monitor heat. I then designed V4, this included a heat sink and a metal gear on the motor side. I have included a larger bearing to hold the motor axle as I also noticed the smaller bearing was not up to the task due to the tension the belt was under.

    So with less than 6 days to my first competition its now time to re machine the chassis and hope that tests go well! Wish me luck!

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    Wish me luck!
    Good luck! Sounds like you've got a good handle on things for your first build and look forward to seeing it at Edinburgh. I haven't done a scratch built beetle for about four years and mine is currently 90% CAD, 10% physical bot so got to get the finger out!

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