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Thread: Pride Fighter / Team Hunt - Build Diaries

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    Very neat servo mount! For beetles, 3D printed wheels can certainly work. Printed with the more common materials like PLA or ABS they'll support your weight, and take most things that aren't hits from spinners (though most wheels won't survive those). For hubs you'd want some stronger materials, either something strong like Nylon or even steel. You could also implement a square nut into your design so you have something metal to hold a grub screw in place on the motor. Alex Mordue did this for Saw Loser, his build diary is on github.

    Another material could be TPU, which is far more flexible. Ben Hay from Team Panic uses it for his beetle AnnieRUOK, check out his YouTube channel if you want to know more.

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    Thanks all!

    I must say I am very proud of that servo mount.... also for my first go on the Miller I must say it's not too bad haha!

    My plan at this current stage for the wheels are PLA hubs, and then print the tires themselves in TPU, coated with a rubber-grip spray. I've modelled the wheels and will do a test print tonight (if I get time) to try them out. Watch this space!

    At least with the wheels being 3D printed I can print off as many spares as needs be haha. At least with Unicorn aswell they are mostly concealed aside from the top and bottom, so side on attacks shouldnt affect them greatly. (Or at least that's my build plan lol).

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    Looking very good indeed! I like the design of the lightning bolt/horn, looks really cool and gives the whole machine a distinctive "theme" by itself.

    What sort of mill did you use for the servo mount? That's a nice piece of work.

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