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Thread: Electric Hammer/axe

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    is my test of my mech, will find some pics too

    Mine is a 2 stage chain running to about 6:1.

    Sadly this was due to space constraints with the shape of the robot.

    . . ¦

    will confirm soon
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    Later swapped out the drill motor for a scooter motor but the layout remained pretty much the same.

    Axe arm bolted on to the large sprocket, ran on a speed controller and I just pulsed it to control the swing and not over-swing/hit the chassis.

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    Ampflow F30-150 connected to a MOD 1.25 20T pinion gear, going to a 70T and then a 20T to a 90T final output gear which the Scythe axe is bolted to. This results in a 15.75:1 ratio. This setup isn't ideal as it has little shock resistance. A chain drive like Jamie and Nat's have as a final 3rd stage reduction would be preferable.
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