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Thread: Gyros

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    Hi folks.

    I'm thinking of putting a heading hold type gyro into Ensign Crusher in an attempt to keep him on the straight and narrow, or at least remove another layer of design flaw from the machine to emphasise the driving incompetence yet more starkly.

    Does anyone have a preferred gyro type to make feathers go in a straight line? Other than a 5 kg 6000 RPM drum.

    The ones I have seen are...
    Designed for cars. Looks small, can't see any way to adjust in the pictures.
    Looks very similar in spec to the above, slightly more expensive, has direct and remote gain adjustment which seems useful (especially to turn the gain to zero when it breaks, bot gets flipped, etc.).
    Cheaper, similar size, designed for flying things so will possibly have kittens when it only gets commands in one axis? Essentially, it's very cheap so there must be a catch, but it's also very cheap so I prefer it.

    Any advise from inside knowledgeable heads would be most gratefully received!

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    qbnut's Avatar

    I experimented with the GA250, and it's not completely suitable - you need one you can set gain control granularly on for it to work in a combat robot scenario.

    They are only really that useful to keep a fast, powerful drive inline. On drill motors it's probably not worth the effort once you gain enough driving experience that keeping it straight comes naturally

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    Ah that makes sense. I suspected I was being a bit optimistic that the GA250 would be a plug and play solution...

    Hopefully a new set of wheels with some more grip will make the straight line thing come a bit more naturally, but I have picked up one of the Drift car gyros just to experiment with, as they're currently only £11 from HK which is quite a bargain. Even if it's no real use for the current robot it will probably come in handy one day...

    Cheers for your help!

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