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Thread: Beetleweight brushless drive

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    So I am trying to find what motor will fit with the 25D gearboxes, the only thread I managed to find was using a Turnigy Aerodrive SK3 - 2118-2250KV, but they are discontinued on hobbyking.

    Is there any other motors that fit those gearboxes?

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    DYS BE1806 are pretty common in beetles. I get mine off ebay. I had issues with the 25D gearboxes (pinions coming loose or gears not meshing/exploding) so I pair them up with 22mm 19:1 planetary gearboxes (

    I buy two donor planetaries per DYS motor, transplant the entire motor shaft from one donor motor into the DYS motor and replace the plastic first stage with the metal gears from the second stage of the second motor.

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    Managed to snag some OPBoxes off Gus.

    They actually fit perfectly in a 50% scale version of elevate.
    2019-08-02 00_13_14-Window.jpg

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