Following Robots Live Grantham 2019 I have decided that The Mean Machine needs a more effective
weapon system.
Originally The Mean Machine was built to take part in Robot Wars and hence the different weapon system was
developed with the view that if there is 10 or 20 flippers or wedges applying and only one or two with clamping jaws we would have a good chance of getting on the show due to the policy on diverse Robots.

We got the Robot ready for Robot Wars 11 which of course never happened so live circuit beckoned.

Grantham- This was only the second outing for the Mean Machine and it was not a brilliant performance, I had
bought a new speed controller to control the Jaws and this bit seemed to work very well although I felt having
two fan cooled ESC waiting in the the arena draining the battery while the compare talked for 10 mins was irritating.
I might look at the possibility of switching the fans off with the remote in case of long delay in the future.
So Mean Machine seemed a bit sluggish compared to last year and suffered a broken chain in the first battle.
We managed to repair the chain and went in again against Iron awe and Thor and two more flippers, Mean Machine seemed sluggish again and the compare had gabbled on again beforehand-we got flipped at least 3 times within seconds but managed to drive away,a couple more hard hits and we were dead.
Upon reviewing the damage we found a motor had come loose leaving no drive at one side and the wheel protection flap at the other side was pushing against the wheel leaving effectively no drive.

Conclusion-everything happens quickly, so a fast weapon is needed, the basic shape of the Robot will remain
the same but we will fit either an side axe or concealed spinner in the jaws which will make it unique whichever
way we go.