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Thread: The Big Tauron Garage Sale! (Tauron 1 and 2, 5060 drive system, LiPos and more!)

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    Welcome to the big Tauron/Monsoon garage sale!

    Edit 18th October 2020 - Added the NPCs and Ragebridge, updated the status of other items.
    In order to make room in the garage, I'm selling a lot of bits - including Tauron 1 and 2. Please take a look below and reply below or drop me a message if you have any questions. The robots will be pickup only, please let me know if you'd like to view them first. Everything below is sold on a first come first served basis.


    Complete Heavyweight Drive System

    1 x Ragebridge V2 (SOLD)
    2 x NPC-T64 (SOLD)
    2 x NPC-PT444 Puncture Proof Wheels (SOLD)

    The NPCs and Ragebridge are perfect for a heavyweight drive system. (I can vouch for these ones in particular, as they were used in Monsoon 1!)

    Happy to post the Ragebridge, but pickup for the motors and wheels is preferred.

    rage.jpg NPCs.jpg wheels.jpg


    Tauron 1 (Chassis with drive system)


    Tauron1_Front.jpg Tauron1_rear.jpg Tauron1_inner.jpg

    First up for sale is Tauron 1, as seen on series 9 of Robot Wars!

    Although this has all of the external parts, it's best considered a chassis and drive system. The only internal parts included are shown in the pictures. The weapon section and bar are included but there's no weapon motor or electronics. The weapon was converted to an experimental axe for some live events, and some of those chassis mods would need undoing to restore it as a spinner. If you wanted to get this running again for combat, you'd probably take the old weapon section off and fit a wedge. The drive system is pretty capable, with scooter motors, go-kart parts and chain drive. No electronics on the drive either, though.

    Please note that if you intend to run the robot at events, you cannot run it under the name Tauron. The robot is sold as seen, please let me know if you'd like to view the robot first (we're based in Bedfordshire). The robot has fought at several live events since Robot Wars. Here are some specs:

    Chassis - 6mm/4mm Hardox 500
    Armour - 6mm Polycarbonate
    Drive - 2 x MY1020 brushed DC motor. 1KW, 36v, 3000rpm 8:1 gearing ratio, all with standard go kart parts. 30mm live axles.


    Tauron 2 (Chassis only)

    Open to offers

    Tauron2_front.jpg Tauron2_rear.jpg Tauron2_inner.jpg

    Next up is Tauron 2, as seen on series 10 of Robot Wars!

    Please note that if you intend to run the robot at events, you cannot run it under the name Tauron. The robot is sold as seen, just the chassis and armour, please let me know if you'd like to view the robot first (we're based in Bedfordshire). Whilst the robot does not come with any electronics, the chassis is in a much better condition that Tauron 1 and could certainly spin again at live events. Otherwise, this would be a fantastic collector's piece for any Robot Wars fan. (I may also consider parting with the weapon bar if you are interested in getting it spinning, please drop me a message if so).

    The robot hasn't fought at any events since Robot Wars. Here are some specs:

    Chassis - 4mm Hardox 500
    Armour - 4mm Harox 500


    Complete Featherweight Brushless Drive System (2x 5060 brushless motors, 2x 200A hacked RedBrick ESCs)

    2 x 200A hacked Redbrick ESCs - (SOLD)
    2 x 5060 Motors - (SOLD)


    For sale is a complete featherweight brushless drive system.

    This is the drive system that was used in Straddle 2, which competed at the King of Bots featherweight championships 2018 at Insomnia. Please note that the threads on 2 bolt holes on each motor have been stripped and will require re-tapping. Here are some specs:

    - 2 x Propdrive v2 5060 270KV Brushless outrunner motor. Each has a 12 tooth MOD 1 spur gear TIG welded onto the end of the shaft
    - 2 x 200A Redbrick ESC, flashed with SimonK firmware (fully reversible)


    Revolt RV-160-sh 73KV Brushless Outrunner Motor (Brand new, unused)


    RV-160-Sh_new.jpg RV-160-Sh_73KV.jpg

    For sale is a brand new, unused, in the box RV-160-sh brushless outrunner motor. This is the 73KV variant, with sensors.

    This would make a fantastic brushless weapon motor for a heavyweight, or a very powerful drive motor. (It was originally purchased to be a drop in replacement for the ME0708 but was never used. Hence the very similar specs).

    For the full specs please visit the product page:

    (Please note that the price from this website would come to well over £400 with shipping and import taxes).


    LiPo batteries (See prices below)


    For sale is a wide range of LiPo batteries - all have been used, but all have been checked and none have any dead cells.

    2 x Optipower 3s 3300mAh - (SOLD)
    2 x Turnigy 4s 6600mAh - £20 each
    2 x Turnigy Nano-Tech 6s 4500mAh - £30 each (1 remaining)
    7 x Zippy 5s 8000mAh - £20 each (3 remaining)
    1 x Zippy 3s 3300mAh - £15 each

    Due to the nature of these items, I cannot ship them - please let me know if you'd like to pick them up (from Bedfordshire, Birmingham or Stratford-Upon-Avon). Alternatively if you are going to Bugglebots, I will bring them there for you to pick up.


    MY1020 1KW Brushed DV Motor (36v, 3000rpm)


    MY1020.jpg MY1020_specs.jpg

    For sale is a completely unused MY1020 1KW brushed motor.

    Originally purchased as a spare for Tauron 1, this motor has never been used. The motor is 1KW, 36v, 3000rpm.


    2.5kg Double Ended Weapon Bar with complete pulley assembly



    A fantastic featherweight weapon bar!

    Only used in Straddle Mk.1 for a few (brief) fights, this would make a great featherweight weapon bar. Whilst this bar delivered some terrifying hits, it is still perfectly usable. The teeth have minimal wear - and the opposite teeth have never been used and are in perfect condition (see photo). Here are some specs:

    - Hardox 500
    - 10mm thick
    - Effective diameter of 450mm
    - Approximately 2.5kg
    - Pulley assembly and included bushing will fit a 30mm diameter shaft
    - Bolt pattern: 6 x 6mm holes, 50mm diameter

    - Pulley diameter is 49mm
    - Pulley is smooth, and was designed for a 16mm wide T5 timing belt


    4.5kg Double Ended Weapon Bar (Brand new and Unused)



    A fantastic featherweight weapon bar!

    This would make a great featherweight weapon bar. Originally made for Straddle 1, this bar put the bot overweight so was never used. Here are some specs:

    - Hardox 500
    - 15mm thick
    - Effective diameter of 450mm
    - Approximately 4.5kg
    - Central hole: 38mm
    - Bolt pattern: 6 x 6mm holes, 50mm diameter


    10" x 3.6"-5" KT3 Go Kart Tyres (Fronts)

    (ALL SOLD)


    For sale is a collection of KT3 go kart tyres. Dimensions are below:

    - 6 x KT3 Fronts
    - 10" x 3.6"-5
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    you´ve got pn

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    Got your PM - will get back to you asap with shipping calculations.

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    The tyres are now all sold!

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    The Revolt brushless motor is now sold!

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    The Optipower LiPos and 1 of the Nano-Techs are now sold!
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    The 4.5kg weapon bar is sold - however the 2.5kg bar (with pulley assembly) is still available!

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    Listed the 2.5kg bar with pulley.

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    Update - The Tauron 1 chassis is now sold, however Tauron 2 is still for sale (open to offers).

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    Bumping as it's been over a year, added a couple of extra bits!

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