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Thread: The Big Tauron Garage Sale! (Tauron 1 and 2, 5060 drive system, LiPos and more!)

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    The 2.5kg bar with pulley assembly is now sold.

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    Team Kaizen

    Hey, welcome to the forum!

    As qbnut mentoned in a previous post under a different thread, this thread started in 2019 and fighting robotics parts tend not to hang around for very long (note the last post from SnowLabs was from 2020).

    I note you've been posting around the HW threads which I guess therefore you want to build a HW? If you are new to the fighting robotics scene, I highly recommend that you don't do this because from personal experience, the heavier they are, the more they cost (generally) and unless you have a dedicated team of folks willing to help with the building and the logistics of just moving the thing from the workbench to the floor and back, moving one is nigh on impossible. I struggle with moving my MW (55kg limit) on my own.

    I would recommend starting in either the FW er BW classes to get a feel and experience of fighting in "an" arena. There are plentty of threads here on the forum about the experiencesof those classes (mine included) plus they are waaaayyyy more managable to move and build, especially if you are new to the sport. If you are set on a "big" weight class, consider the MW class though my statements above do still apply. My MW at the moment has cost me about £900 in parts but that doesn't include the £500 ish pounds in tools as well. My BW on the other hand I've practcally built with a good soldering iron and a Dremel 3000 set as an example.
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