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Thread: Drrrummmmmm spinnnnneeeeerrrrrrrrrrrr

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    Bad Wolf
    So Ive made a few Ants now, but not ventured into the world of spinners etc so for my next one I wanted to make something along the lines of HyperShock with a sprinkling of Magnetar. So Ive come up with these CAD designs so far

    I have prevously bought a Turnigy D2822/17, so I was wondering whats the best way to design the drum spinner? To have the Turnigy just off the side of drum spinning it direct? Or to have it connected to a cog and then spinning a band/pully system down the center of the drum? Is there a prefered system for builders and why?

    Thanks for any help
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    Team Kaizen

    I'd connect it up directly as this cuts down on weight and simplicity to save weight (it is what I did on Ikari) but I do know of at least one belt and pulley system in the AW class, which obviously has the advantage of slipping on stalling from hitting a competitor.
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    direct drive has the advantage of simplicity, less to go wrong, but the potential for fragility when the drum stalls out.

    using an o-ring and a pulley for a simple belt system has the advantage of helping protect the motor and esc from damage when it spins, alongside greater design freedom as to the size and location of the drum and motor, but at the risks created by the potential for the belt or pulleys deforming or snapping under load, or other issues that can occur as a result of belt-tensioning.

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    Bad Wolf
    Cheers for that guys! I’m working on the belt system atm! And I’ll let you know how I get on once it’s done

    Bad Wolf

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