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Thread: 3D Printing Advice

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    Ive prevously used Online printing companies to print out some designs from Thingiverse but ive been messing around with some designs myself and before I go and print them out I was just wondering if these would work out okay?

    Im still unsure to have the lifting arm slightly out of line of the main body or have it flush, so ive done two pics one inline and the other out of line.

    My main worry is having everything flat on the "bed" if that makes sense? The top pannel is floating, can that still be printed or do I need to flip it and get it level with the bed? Also things like the lifting arm, will that be okay to print as it is? Or will that need to be flipped on its side before printing?

    Also, is there anything majorly wrong with the designs that ive missed? Ive never designed anything on CAD before so any tips are most welcome

    Bad Wolf
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    From advice I've been given, the flipper will need to be printed on its side to prevent the layers braking from the forces it would receive. The top panel can sit flat the right way up but will need supports for the over hanging parts. It floating shouldn't be an issue.

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    Thanks Coolspeedbot! When you say supports, what do you mean exactly? How do I go about creating them?

    Bad Wolf

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    I know nothing about 3d printing or CAD... so I'll keep quiet about that.

    As for the lifter arm though, this I can do! I think it looks better sitting proud of the rest of the body but having it flush will protect it from spinners, so if you can make it fit I'd go for flush.

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    Basically put legs under the over hangs using 2mm thick squares or circles. Theres some examples on this page of my antweight build diary:

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    Cheers! That’s a big help! I’ll sort them out in the morning and get it printed! So once it comes just snap or trim off the supports? Also I was going to ask what sort of size depth for the actual sides etc? You said 2mm for the supports, I’ve gone for 4 mm for the sides at the moment, is that too thin?

    Bad Wolf

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    Yeah just cut them off. 4mm is fine for the sides.

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    If you are looking to have anything printed in something exotic such as onyx drop me a line

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    Thanks Typhoon_Driver! Ill be in touch soon!

    Bad Wolf

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