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Thread: Regulator

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    Team Helix
    Hi all,

    After an only semi successful weekend at Burgess Hill with Backflip (thanks for all the votes), I have realised that one of the worst points was the regulator. I have a paintball tank for CO2 and on top of this is a standard cheap E-bay Chinese regulator. It is a low pressure (10 bar) flipper and it sort of works but is very hard to set up correctly. I will explain my Woes!!

    Firstly It is hard to test at home as I have no CO2, so only place to try it is in the event, must fix this!! In the first fight I know I only had half a tank of CO2 to start with but that should have been easily enough. Secondly as the bottle was done up the on / off valve and regulator now were not in the position they were when aligning the pipe work originally (again my fault). This lead to it being very hard to get my fingers on the regulator adjustment screw. In the dark and with gas on I struggled to set the regulator to about 10 bar pressure. It is very hard to adjust the pressure as

    1) The screw is not very “fine” a tiny adjustment either way makes a big difference.

    2) It is not consistent from one moment to the next

    3) At this point you are filling the buffer tanks so it initially fills quick and then slowly as you get towards 10 bar.

    4) This makes stopping at 10 bar hard.

    5) If you have over done it and needle is going up quickly and you throttle back a bit you don’t know if you are now very under pressure or exactly at whatever the gauge is on.

    6) For reference when it slowly creeps higher to 11 bar the spring loaded pressure relief triggers and vents but down to quite a low pressure (not sure exactly what pressure) but assume only a few bar. Which can empty the tanks and buffers. (which may have happened in the first fight as I got one decent self-right and that’s about it.

    So in round 2 I tried again got a full charge of gas left the regulator in the same position as know it could not be far off the correct pressure. No... the gauge screw could easily have been knocked or just be cheap rubbish!! So it went and triggered the pressure relief valve... It took a few seconds to turn the gas off so lost a lot then reduced the regulator a bit more but you guessed it vent again. Time was pushing on so Tried a 3rd time and all seemed ok but really at this point I have no Idea what the pressure was set to so..

    1) It may be correct and all is fine

    2) It may be too low so after the first flip it will be under powered

    3) It may be slowly creeping up and will vent again.

    I am not sure again what happened but soon had no gas again!! So I assume 3) . As you can see a disappointing end.

    So actions ahead...

    1) Re plum the gas system so that there is a valve before the buffer tank so to set the pressure you don’t have to fill the whole buffer tanks.

    2) Relocate the valves to reach them easier.

    3) Get a better different Regulator

    And this is where I need assistance for you all. Does anyone have any good recommendations for regulators? Preferably paintball but I will get / make adaptors if I need to.

    Please help ..

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    Just wondering if you had any luck with the regulator or found something more suitable?

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    Clearing out my house at the moment as i'm moving, think I have a Trev Reg somewhere going spare.

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    Interesting... Could you send me a pic of it, and i would be interested in it firstly if it is suitable, if its what i think it is. Thats if Team Helix are not wanting it
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