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Thread: Shrewsbury Beetleweight Event May 11th

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    Hey all,

    For those who haven’t seen on Facebook, there will be a small Full combat Beetleweight event being held at Shrewsbury High School on Saturday the 11th of May. Alongside the Competition will be spinner demos, Whiteboards and I’ll be bringing some kits for the audience and roboteers to have a go with during intervals etc. The main aim is to try and get the school and kids in the area Interested in robotics and engineering so we want as good a showing as possible.

    Sign ups a down below, more details will be released closer to the event.

    Cheers, Sam

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    Team Kaizen

    Is there going to be an e-mail going out confirming event times and so on? I've signed up with The Honey Badger and I've not seen any further information on this event.
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