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Thread: Rusty (Robot Wars HW)

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    I haven't been to an event in over a year so I'm considering selling off my larger machines.

    First on the list would be Rusty (or Ceros for the traditionalists)

    Specs are on the Robot Wars website but a brief description:

    3.2mm Hardox Armour with aluminium chassis. 5mm Hardox scoop. I have some of the old Ali armour too.
    FP Flipper setup (currently running at LP to protect the chassis) with custom ram and buffer tank with all associated tanks, values and firing mechanism. CO2 bottle date stamped to last year so plenty of life left in it. Pneumatics have powered fire and exhaust so the arm can be held up without losing gas.
    2 x 5Ah OptiPower LiPos
    Ampflow drive motors on go kart wheels and tyres
    Weighs around 108kgs with a full gas tank

    Basically it will come complete ready to add your own radio gear into for your preferred setup.

    Looking for sensible offers of I'll just hold onto it

    Probably looking to move my Dalek on too for the same reason, so if anyone wants a full sized remote controlled movement/voice Dalek (can PM info) i'm open to offers on that too!

    Currently lives in my work as I have nowhere else to keep it (another reason to shift it)

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    Photos attached. It's had a respray since the show and the 2 panels were painted upside down so are still just undercoat (oops) Been to Dublin since then hence the slight paintwork scratches and scrapes


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    For those asking, looking at around £1500 for the robot fully functional as it sits now. Open to offers if you prefer an alternative spec.

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    Still available if anyone is interested.

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    Still available
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    A number of deals have fallen through for this now so still have it. Open to sensible offers for Rusty in setups ranging from fully working to minus ESC/radio/batteries etc

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    I'm sure Tony won't mind me posting on his behalf (not sure how often he checks the forum) but Rusty was sold eventually. Went to a new home earlier this year.

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    Cheers Jamie. Sold it a fair while ago now, but cheers for the interest í ½í±

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