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Thread: Spinners at heavy weight events

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    Most people arnt fighting them :P

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    It's true, Extreme Robots run them at their shows, but it's an option if you want to fight them.... an option which isn't taken up by many.

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    Will confess, plenty of trepidation when fightiing them but I've yet to see someone go mad with a MW/HW spinner unless talked about before the fight. If my robot breaks, well I didn't build it right. The Honey Badger exploding at Manchester 2018 was a bit expensive though. Robits Live! Still don't allow them to my knowledge.
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    Yeah, Robots Live don't have any spinners, as with most Extreme Robots whiteboard fights. The main competition bracket for XR (while increasing by the looks) is normally a little small. To be honest, you're best off designing with them as a consideration at least. It's funny, I'd prefer fighting a spinner than a flipper

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