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Thread: Gearbox advice

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    Hey All, currently scoping out ideas for a potential feather this year. I have a few things in mind to post about later on, but I feel this subject has the biggest priority. So I bought a job lot of 4 argos drill motors, not realizing that they were, well, just the motors. So I'm currently looking at gearbox options. I am aware of the banebots p60s, but at roughly £50 a pop that seems a little out of my price range at the moment. Would it be possible to mate the motors with existing other brand drillboxes from ebay? I have also seen the kid car boxes which will fit these motors, but i'd imagine those gears are plastic and will probably strip upon light use. Any other alternative suggestions are welcome too, like I say, this is my first feather, having only built beetles and ants before.
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    It certainly is possible to mate the motors with the gearboxes but you'll likely need to find a pinion gear for the motor and make sure that the mounting holes in the gearbox fits onto your motors.

    Yeah, RC car stuff at this level will strip fairly quickly (as do some drill boxes I have to say, try and find ones that are all metal if you can). If you had the time, you could build your own 1 or 2 stage spur gearbox but that can get fiddly.
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    If you can tell us if they are old style or new style Argos drill motors, it might be worth a post in the wanted section too. Someone might have a gearbox or 2 left over after just using the motors from the drills for spares?

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    Gimsons are a option but they are not cheep either and you can find the same boxes cheeper from china but it depends on how quickly you want it

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    Some good points all round, thanks guys. In terms of the motors themselves, there are 2 old style and 2 new style ones. Asking in the wanted section is also not a bad shout, I'll throw a post up there soon
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