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Thread: Vex Motor Controller

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    Bad Wolf
    Hey guys, just starting to get building again on some new ants, while I was going through my box I came across 2 Vex Motor Controllers (29)


    I think I remmeber reading that people sometimes use these for Beetles? Just wondering if i can use them for Ants and how easy are they to use? Has anyone got any walk throughs on how to wire them up to a Das ? Or any videos at all? Just thought Id give them a go if I have them already.


    Bad Wolf

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    Ocracoke's Avatar
    Team Kaizen

    I definitely know Beetles that use them (Crabsolutely Clawful comes to mind) and yes, there is some wiring changes you do have to do to them but having never used them myself, I can't think what these changes might be.

    As for suitability in a Antweight, they should be OK. I'd remove the case around the controller and put some heatshrink or electrical tape to isolate it.
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    Bad Wolf
    Thanks Ocra! I remember watching some of Crabsolutely Clawfuls build videos Ill try and dig them out again and see if theres anything in there! Thanks mate!

    Bad Wolf

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    I used this page while wiring mine up: https://thevariableconstant.blogspot...roller-29.html

    That there be Jamison Go's blog, so I think we can be assured that he knows what he's talking about. I use them as weapon controllers, but two of them would certainly do for drive (I'm hoping to use them for beetle drive)

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