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Thread: Antweight dasmikro/ vex 29 help

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    Hey there, welcome to the forum! I assume by this Saturday, you mean Ant Freeze? If so, I'll be there.

    I have one ant that uses the vex 29 esc's, they unfortunately dont have braking, ive heard that with dasmikros, you can use 50ohm resistors across the terminals of the motors, is this something that would work with the vex 29's?
    I can't answer precisely this as I don't use VEX 29s myself but I thought the resistor across the motor terminals was for something else relating to how much starting current was being used (ref: I therefore can't see why you would need it for this application, especially in this weight class.

    With the dasmikro, im just super confused about how it all comes together, theres six terminals but eight wires going into it?? Ive seen on a circuit diagram that you only take the orange wire(??) from one group, if this is true what happens to the rest.
    Again, I don't use a DasMikro so I wouldn't take this as correct but for the 6 pads, you only need one of the RX leads (the 3 wire connections) fully wired in to be able to turn on the receiver (with the battery connection going into the DasMikro where you've it now I think though check the polarity first). The other RX lead you would only solder in the orange (the signal) wire in to be able to get the other range of movement.

    So if the first orange lead (that was fully wired in) did forwards and backwards across the two motors connected, the other orange lead would control left and right movement. You would simply cut out the positive and negative wires in that case.

    Here is an example of what I mean:
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