So I didn't get a chance to work on the Scythe on Sunday but over the last few evenings, finally the Scythe is back together!

The new mount feels way more solid than the original one. The gears themselves are marginally less meshed than the last go around so in theory, it should swing easier. Definitely felt like it will. Annoyingly, the 1st stage output gear is still slipping on the shaft so I need to get the screws out, drill the shaft with indents for the grubs to sit in and then put it all back together. Ideally, I should drill all thy way through the shaft or key it but as this version is being "retired" as an axebot, I only need it to last EXR Colchester.The slipping drive grub screw has been replaced with a new one and threadlocked so it shouldn't fail again.Tomorrow is battery charging, reassembly and testing hopefully before being transported for a 5 hour drive to Colchester one way.