Going to Burgess Hill was a bit of a faff, it is 5 hours one way (and nearly 9 coming home, I was exhausted) but got there in a relatively good amount of time. Charged the batteries and tightened down the bolts before technical check, which it passed fairly easily. I was on the same bench as Backflip, a fellow MW competitor and compared to that, Jibril is positively tiny, half the length easily me thinks.

Anyway, given that there were only two of us, we checked the board and noticed we weren't on it at all so we spoke to the FW guys if they would be happy with us coming into their first melee of each show, which they all seemed quite happy with. You'd have thought the weight difference would have been key here... hahhahahaahahhaahhahaa... no.

The wheelspinning issue killed Jibril easily in the first melee. I couldn't get moving before Explosion came in and flipped me. I tried self righting but the axe wasn't playing ball and I don't think it had enough power anyway. This, of course, bent the axe. I tried to fix it but it wasn't coming back into line.

The second melee, I managed to get started but lacked the capacity to get moving properly and when it came to a pushing match, the lack of traction, despite me cutting grooves into the rubber to help meant this time, I ended up in the pit with Backflip on top of me.

After the show, I managed to get a bit of arena time to shuttle it around the floor to see if I could iron out the problem but after 30 seconds or so, the drive ESC stopped working. The error lights suggests a bad receiver so I'll put a new one in and see what that does but put simply, it did not go very well at all. With the long drives, the lack of traction and the axe still not firing right, it felt like a loooooooonnnnnnngggg day. I still had a laugh being there but if I do go back to Burgess Hill, it's a full weekend or nothing.

Next one is EXR Portsmouth, which is only marginally closer. I cannot do the Sunday that day either so either I miss it or I get someone to come with me to share in the driving. I also need to finish off the axe and get the axe head cut, which should help with the weight distribution which I think is the issue here.