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Thread: Help Needed Building A First Time Antweight

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    Hi everyone, I'm new to the forum and am taking my first steps into the fighting robot scene. I've been a huge fan of Robot Wars, Battlebots and similar shows for years. I love to design and build things. I have a background of tinkering with Raspberry Pi computers and 3D printing, and now I'm looking to start designing and building my own robots.

    My first foray into this hobby was by purchasing a Fingertech Viper Kit. I had an absolute blast making and operating this kit. I was tempted to purchase a second kit, however have decided to try and build my own. However, I'm very much a beginner and require some help getting started.

    I have spent some time browsing forums and message-boards, as well as hours of viewing on Youtube, to try and get an idea of the basic elements required. I've put together a 'shopping list' of various parts that I hope to put together into a functioning robot. I'm aiming to design an ant weight or bettleweight robot. However, I have no desires at this point to compete or battle, so size/weight restrictions aren't my focus right now - I just want to learn. I plan to use a 3D printer to produce the chassis and weapons.

    I would really appreciate some feedback and guidance on the items listed below. Hopefully your guidance will help me avoid any silly mistakes that would otherwise derail my project:

    Thanks for any support you can provide.

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    Hey there, welcome to the forum!

    The ESC you have listed is for a brushless motor whereas the motors you have linked to are both brushed motors. Whilst it is possible to program some brushess ESCs for brushed motors, for a beginner, with either of those motors, I'd get a brushed ESC, say something like this - - I use these in one of my Antweights and as a weapon ESC in my Beetleweight.

    The batteries, I'd go for the 2nd option as they suit the size of the application that the motors are for (typically, those motors are used in Antweights, same for the 180mAh batteries). The first one is more for the Beetleweight category.

    Transmitter/receiver (noting you will need to enable Elevon mixing on the transmitter to enable forwards/backwards/turning motion with both motors/ESCs, which I believe you can do with one of the switches on it), either of the motors (though I'd go more for a 30:1, which is still quick) and the second servo look good for a flipper weapon to me.
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