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Thread: Looking for a big flywheel

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    I am looking for a large flywheel to test my escs on inertial loads. Needs to be pretty heavy maybe 20kg and have a centre hole.

    Obviously I could just get kcut to cut some steel plate into a circle and slap some flanged bearings in, but was looking for something a bit cheaper.

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    Bought some Masda RX8 flywheels on ebay. 6kg each and has a bolt hole pattern at the edge so I can add extra plates and change the weight and a keyway on the bore.

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    i would look at some old disk breaks, they tend to be nicely balanced too!

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    I was originally looking at old car wheels, but then realized that most car wheels rarely go above 1000RPM in normal operation so running them at 6000 or so might end badly!

    The engine flywheels are great, especially the RX8 as it can rev to over 10000rpm so I know the flywheel should be good for the speed I need to run it at. Plus it will be nicely balanced and has some big bolt holes for making it heavier.

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    I've found many a flywheel at local scrapheaps, might be a good place to look.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Team Helix View Post
    Simple look in gumtree or e-bay for an old spin bike. Will already have a chain or belt + bearings. Got one with broken peddles on gumtree for £10 before.
    this, yes!

    i used a spin bike fly wheel as my spinning disk on my heavyweight robot in series 6, although the chain came off on the first hit, it did work well in testing, plus the added benefit of being on a clutch meant i had some protection of the motor... although it didnt get used!

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