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Thread: Robot 10.1

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    For anyone that doesn’t know,I am building a Beetle weight version of 101. This is a result of a challenge by Simon “my robots on fire” Harrison, of King Buxton fame. The plan is to have it built for next years RoboNerd event. Now I did say I would never build another tracked robot! But the thought of building a beetle weight Anarchy gave me a migraine!

    The plan is to print as much of the robot as possible, as it saves me getting my hands dirty! Power will from a pair of brushless motors and 25mm gearboxes. I have not decided on the weapon but will be allowing room for interchangeable pods. 10.1-2.JPG
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    I legitimately cannot wait to see this robot. 101 was a huge inspiration for me when I watched the classic series of Robot Wars as a kid. Seeing it reborn in a tinier, additive-manufactured form will be amazing. Any idea how you're going to get the treads to grip? Some sort of rubber pads?

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    Purchased a Anycubic i3, Printing the parts on the work Objet Alaris was going to cost a fortune, and the material choice was limited. So bit the bullet, and got the i3. Put it straight to work printing test track segments. Bit of a waste of time if I can't get the tracks made. I did consider machining the track segments from solid, but decided I could do without the boredom of making the 100 segments. I have attached some pictures of the progress so far. Track segments are from PET-G and other parts a mix of PLA and ABS, Looking to upgrade the hot end so i can print nylon and polycarbonate in the future.

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    Quote Originally Posted by daveimi View Post
    You need a big plough on the front or the mass of spinners will eat those tracks.

    Edit: beautiful robot though! So can't wait to see it built!
    Thank you for the comments.This is being built for the Robonerds event next year, where there will be different rules for spinners. I might also be building a Beetleweight Anarchy for the same event!

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    More progress, need to start work on the weapons soon!
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