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Thread: 259-B a beetleweight

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    I've decided to start a beetleweight, nothing too clever to begin with, just a 4WD based off the Trilobyte design format. I began with the dimensions and then swapped them around a little bit to suit metric dimensions to make iti build out a little easier. I've got a 3D mockup built at the moment. I'm using chinese 1000rpm 25D gearmotors, botbitz ESC when they arrive and fingertech hubs and foam wheels. I've used the mockup to size the bolts and components and currently making up a stack of bolt strips in ally.3d-mockup.jpg

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    Funny that, I just started a beetleweight version of 101!

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    Welcome back Mike!
    You two could possibly battle it out at the next RoboNerd, gutted I missed the last one

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    It might even be ready by then! The botbitz ESC got to the UK really quick, but then customs sat on them for about 10 days and RM decided to faux deliver them. Should have my hands on them by friday for some driving practice. I like my old style twin stick driving rather than the mixing in the TX on one stick, but the mixer I used are still around £30 , so going to try an arduino so at least I can test out a MEMS gyro option. Chassis all done now and a Graphene 3s @ 500maH to see how it fares.

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    Nearly finished, drives around nice, went for the single stick mixing method in the end. Working out an efficient way to fit the 01 steel dozer blade, then will get it hardened. Although weight is getting close to the max so might have to use a Ti blade instead. Also got to fit a safety light, using one of these matek's and a fuse. I guess a mini blade fues will suffice but space is tight so also need to work out a holder for it, or do people just solder them in? I'm going to reprint the electronics/battery/esc tray as well as its got motor overhang supports built in and I forgot to add the heatshrink onto the motors. As there is no spinner on this one, i might have to rename it to DOOF.

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    I guess a mini blade fues will suffice but space is tight so also need to work out a holder for it, or do people just solder them in?
    To save weight in my Beetleweight, I soldered a fuse into the wiring and insulated the ends.
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    thanks. wiring isnt finalised yet until i get the motors heat shrunk and fitted with some flexi supports to support the ends. The printed electronic tray has guides built in for the routing of the wiring. It's around 8" square and about 2" tall, the dozer blade is hopefully 10" wide, but might have to trim it down to reduce weight. I've bought one of those little mini belt sanders as well and going to try that to round off the side plates so that the back wheels can always touch the ground.
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    Oooof, just did a full weigh in minus the heat shrink that has to go on the motors and a couple of cable ties, and tis 1g spare. Fortunately I've got a lighter electronic tray to go in, and some trimming of the side panels at the rear. Failing that i'll have to shave 15mm off each side of the dozer blade prior to heat treating it. Only got Mapp gas , so going to have to make a little mini forge to heat/quench and then temper it in the oven.
    For now though I'm just going to drive it around boffing things.

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