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Thread: 259-B a beetleweight

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    It's 8mm HPDE at the moment at least, trying to keep as thick as poss. Its aluminium top and bottom.

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    remade the electronics tray with a fuse and a few grams lighter and the battery in a flexible holder that should keep it in place. Fitting flexi blocks on top and bottom of motors as well to keep them in place.
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    That is a very satisfying internal layout! Great work.

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    Finally finished (apart from the heat treating the tool steel) and its ready to run

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    Very neat looking, rather liking the carry case with it. When might we see it run?
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    Hoping to be getting to Robonerd for starters , but got some brushless on order for MK2

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    experimenting now with making some wheels. So far I've got some hubs and fashioned a mould and using black rubber shore 60 as tyre. Not too bad, but want to work more on the hub. Its ABS at present, then will be looking at some featherweight versions.asset.jpg

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    Time for a rebuild ! Lost the brushless somewhere along the way, so going to try the owobotics ones this time. 6mm shafts on those, so all new wheels needed again I guess. Any off the shelf hubs and wheels that work?

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