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Thread: Removable Link Position on a Flip-over FW

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    Hi Everyone,
    Can anyone advise please, if the removable link on a flip over featherweight has to be accessible from both sides (top and bottom) as per a HW or a one side access only is required?

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    To quote:

    6.1.5 Inverted Link
    Robots in the heavyweight class that are capable of being driven inverted, having a removable link fitted that is only accessible when the robot is the right way up, must have a duplicate link fitted in the opposing panel, so as to allow the robot to be disarmed when inverted.
    So on that basis, it isn't mandatory to have the removable links on a FW in a position that can be accessible when inverted (or have a pair of removable links, one for the top and one for the bottom). However, I'd possibly still aim for a side accessible link anyway on the basis it makes getting it out easier and is accessible no matter if the robot is the right way up or not.
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    Thanks Michael, James for the clarification.

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    My bot was meant to be driven invertible (sadly doesnt quite work!) but in portsmouth, my link was cut as the link wire was poking out so you could grab it. I was advised by Greg to poke the wire loop inside the bot and attach cable ties to the loop/plug and have these poking out like an old school antennae wire. This means that the wire is safe, you wont loose power, the wire loop acts as a retention spring to stop it falling out in a big bang, and the floor crew can see where the link is and pull it out. I positioned mine away from the axe mech but on the top and didnt have any issues with it just being on top during tech check.

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