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Thread: Robodojo Sportsman class rules

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    The Robodojo Featherweight event in November will include as sportsman class competition for which the ruleset is given below.
    This ruleset has been arrived at after extensive conversation with roboteers at Insomnia, Bugglebots and various other events over the course of the last year. It's not perfect and will continue to evolve but should hopefully serve as a starting point for the Sportsman class in the UK. Thanks to SPARC, DMRC and the German Roboteers association.

    - Robodojo Sportsman Class Rules -
    These rules are variations to the standard FRA rule set.
    The sportsman class is intended as both a stepping stone to full combat events and an environment where new ideas can be tried out and perfected.

    - 1.1 and 1.9. Robodojo draw roboteers attention to this rule. As Sportsman class events may take place in an open arena the event organisers reserve the right to decline the participation of any robot that they consider may pose a safety risk. This may happen even if a robot has been given prior permission to compete at the discretion of the event organisers.

    - 2.5 Interchangeable panels/weapons.
    The configuration of a robot that is presented at tech check is the one that must be used for the entire event. Any variations to this necessitated by repairs are allowed at the discretion of the judges who will consider the spirit of the sportsman class rules.

    - 3. Mobility
    At featherweight brushless motors are restricted to 35mm diameter.
    The top speed of a robot may not exceed 20mph.

    - 8. Internal combustion engines; These are not allowed.

    - 9. Pneumatics
    9.2 The maximum pressure at any point within a pneumatics system must not exceed 10 bar.
    9.16 There is a maximum bore size of (to follow please contact Robodojo) for sportsman class featherweight robots.

    - 11. Rotational weapons or full body spinning robots
    All robots that employ rotational/ spinning weapons are restricted to a maximum tip speed of 6 m/s ( this equates to approx 20mph). Weapon rpm may be measured either by tachometer prior to the start of the event or motor voltage calculation.. Specific weapons of sufficiently high mass or moment of inertia (MOI) may be limited to lower speeds or disallowed by officials if they deem the weapon to be too destructive. Officials may require submission of specifications including motor, voltage, gearing ratio, weapon weight and dimensions prior to the event.

    - 12. Springs and flywheels
    12.1 Springs - Any spring powered weapon that is deemed too powerful for safe operation in the arena being used will be excluded; see rule 1.1
    12.2 Flywheels may not spin at more than 6m/s

    Additional rules;

    - Construction materials
    Only wood, plastic, aluminium, mild steel, fibre glass, and carbon fibre may be used. Titanium and Hardened Steels are not allowed for chassis, weapons or armour. If you wish to use another material please contact Robodojo and a determination will be made as to whether it fits the spirit of the sportsman class.

    - Wedges
    Sportsman class robots may only have a wedge/wedgelet/ground scraping blade (active or inactive) on one side, or 90 degrees arc of the outside of the robot measured from the centre. All other sides must have a minimum ground clearance of 10mm.

    - Magnets are not permitted.

    - Linear actuators;
    These are restricted to a maximum force of 4000 N

    - Arena
    It is intended that sportsman class events can be held in an open arena. This arena may have push out zones that cannot exceed 1/3rd of the perimeter of the arena. The remaining arena perimeter must have a barrier no lower than 300mm which can prevent robots from escaping the arena under normal competition.
    Additionally for open arenas there must be a moat with a further retaining wall minimum 1 metre from the fighting platform and minimum 500mm high, sufficiently robust to retain any robots that have left fighting area. Once a robot has touched the floor of the moat it is deemed to be out of the battle.
    For open arena events, a minimum distance of 9m must be maintained between the edge of the moat wall and the audience for safety reasons. No audience members are allowed within this safety zone.
    Stage hazards, such as carpet, wooden/steel blocks and plates or anything else that amuses the event organisers, may be introduced to the combat surface. The maximum height for drivable/mountable obstacles will be limited to 20mm. Other types of hazards may exceed this but will be intended as obstacles to avoid.

    A contestant may forfeit a match by "tapping out", at which point both contestants must immediately cease fighting. A contestant who taps out and then continues to fight will be disqualified from the entire competition. Contestants need to make their tap out as clear as possible, so that the judge(s) and other competitor(s) are aware of the tap out.

    Rule Adjustments;
    A. This is a set of guidelines. They can, and often will, be amended to adjust to changing technology and venue conditions. If at all possible, feedback will be requested from contestants, builders and audience members to make the rule changes as fair as possible, but the final decision rests with the event organisers/judge(s).
    B. When necessary, the Robodojo sportsman class ruleset may be adjusted to fit in with another ruleset for a specific event within the spirit of the sportsman class. Those changes hold true for only that event and may be added to the main ruleset at a future time.

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    Team Kaizen

    Just to clarify this...

    For open arena events, a minimum distance of 9m must be maintained between the edge of the moat wall and the audience for safety reasons.
    ...that seems like a really long distance. I guess that is accommodate the flippers from this?
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    Hello Ian,
    When is the sign up for the FW Sportsman Competition please, are spikes allowed and is it a weekend event or one day?
    Finally, are you still running competitions for BW's, if so when please?
    Many thanks

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    OK, many thanks.

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