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Thread: RoboNerd 2018 - 29th September, Wolverhampton

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    Hi all! Just in case anyone was unaware/didn't see it on Facebook, Si (King B), Stu and myself are organising an event in a few weeks at The Gatehouse pub in Wolverhampton, a throwback to the 'old school' car park meetups.

    RoboNerd 2018 - Facebook

    It's shaping up to be a great event with lots of displays from the world of combat robots and beyond... Really excited to see everything that's coming!
    A beetle arena (sans walls/roof) and a full combat ant arena will be in attendance (£5 fee for use of both arenas for the full day per person) though we will be asking that feathers and heavies are not powered up, but very very welcome for display.

    Best details are found via the FB page and not via this hopefully just-about-intelligible post, but feel free to message any of the 3 of us for details!

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    at the Gatehouse pub
    The event page on FB has had the venue changed from the Gatehouse to Donnington Grove Hungry Horse, is that still the case?

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    Unless I'm mistaken they're the same place 🙂

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    Indeed it is, if I'd just done a little research I'd have realised that Donnington Grove is the street the Gatehouse pub is on. My bad

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    My ants are out of commission atm, but is it open to general spectators? I never get tired of seeing HWs up close.

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    Should be fine!

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