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Thread: 3d printing, which of these would be my best option?

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    Hi Alex

    I know very little about 3D printing but I do know that many antweights use ABS for their main chassis & use stronger materials such as polycarbonate for armour. There is also a thread on the robotwars101 forum dedicated to 3D printing. Perhaps you can find something useful there?

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    ABS is 'difficult' for most printers due to warping and climate control requirements.

    PLA is great at printing but brittle.

    PETG is good rounder of both PLA and ABS, and most find it easier to print with than PLA and give nicer results.

    Nylon is good, but difficult to store, as absorbs moisture quickly, so use it but make sure its nice and airtight with dessicant. Good against attack from battles

    PC needs all metal hotend but is great for battle ants.

    The ultimaker should handle PETG fine.

    I print my ants and have had printers since 2007, so i have a bit of background knowledge id like to think

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    PLA for prototypes and yes nylon or PC for chassis.

    If you want to jump to onyx (nylon with chopped bits of carbon fiber in it) feel free to drop me a message

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