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Thread: Middleweights - Back In Business!

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    Dude, there's a disturbance in the Matrix somewhere.

    Last year at around the same point, we both thought of making a Roadblock replica
    Last Summer (Starting about this time) I spent a load of time making a heavyweight SOB! (scrapped it in the end though)

    Go for it! it'll certainly be a very interesting addition, and really effective

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    I probably won't go for a saw, but we'll see. One big difference is I plan to cover the bottom of the dustpan with raised studs, to beach anything it scoops up so they can't just drive off again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Theo View Post
    It survived in a heavyweight after being thrown around by Apollo, so it'll more than do in MWs
    it sure did, it was flipped numerous times by both Eruption and Apollo, against two robot wars champions, the ESC survived unscathed, despite not ideal padding. They're definitely good for the price, just a bit big!
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    Glad it can survive that much of a punch, the stakes are growing for this tourney

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    If I had an MW, I'd definitely be there, so hopefully there is another later on when I or myself and Colin get one done for Team Death. We're working our way through all the weights

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    Actually Team Death did have one planned all those years ago. In fact, my featherweight motors came from it/what was left of it

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    Well at the moment MW isn't a focus, i also don't think we have any specific parts for one currently, might be a focus next, I doubt it'll take us long to complete the BW we're currently on.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Team Helix View Post

    Maidstone 2019
    Sat 19th October 2019
    Sun 20th October 2019

    Cheltenham 2019
    Sat 9th November 2019
    Sun 10th November 2019

    Thanks all

    Aren't those next year's dates?

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