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Thread: Middleweights - Back In Business!

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    Team Helix
    Hi all, this sounds interesting, but for costings what recomendations do people have for brushed ESCs for middle weights??

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    Whatever you like really. But most of us are using wheelchair motors, as they're a lot more viable on a middle, plus really cheap.

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    Team Helix
    Thanks, I do have already 2 x 300w wheel chair motors which i assumed would be ok for a middleweight, just hoping people had experience of current draw required during a fight so i could get a suitable one. Tom

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    If you're interested, I'm using TZ85s and the Cytron dual 60a for my middleweight. Only 24v mind you

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    Team Helix
    Yes Cytron dual 60A seemed like a good choice, will probaby do that.

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    It survived in a heavyweight after being thrown around by Apollo, so it'll more than do in MWs

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    Question: What would be the typical dimensions of a middleweight? I ask because I have a rather interesting idea in mind, but it rather depends upon the size of the machines it would be up against. Looking back at old Robot Wars, around 60 to 70cm long and wide seems fairly average, but what are the rest of you guys looking at?

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    Well, Voodoo is about 600mm X 600mm (same as Hobgoblin which is convenient as I'm buying its wedge). My second will also be around that. But really anything that fits into the weight

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    Excellent! I'm taking inspiration from old middleweight runners-up S.O.B. from Battlebots and building a giant dustpan. It'll take a long time due to extremely limited funding, but after crunching the numbers I should be able to go for a solid metre wide and still have 8 or 9 kilos left for a small weapon!

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