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Thread: Team Triforce Featherweight drum

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    Been designing and building a drumbot for the featherweight champs this year.

    Battery: 12s lipo (2x Turnigy nano-tech 1550mah 6S 65~130C (450L Heli)
    ESCs: 3x focbox (or something custom if we have time)
    Weapon: ~5kG drum with 5060 380KV hub motor, hinged forks
    Drive: 2x NTM-4248, 4 wheel drive, invertable
    Armour: wrap around folded 4mm hardox 500, 2mm titanium top and bottom plates
    Frame: 20mm aluminium

    Some pics:
    2018-06-13 00_00_18-Window.png2018-06-12 23_42_02-Window.jpg2018-06-12 23_42_24-Window.png2018-06-12 23_43_09-Window.jpg2018-06-12 23_41_04-Window.png2018-06-13 00_02_26-Window.jpgimage-20180608_112225.jpg20180607_213801.jpgimage-20180611_220232.jpg
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    How are you running the NTM-4248 on 12S? A 5S rated motor will melt pretty quickly on 12S, or are you just powering them from one 6S pack?

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    Using vescs so they are just rpm and current limited.

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    The aluminium core is 110mm, tooth is 153mm.

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    Spent most of the day turning down the first bearing holder/mount for the drum. Then made the titanium shaft fit into it.
    Got another one of these to make then I can test how the drum spins. Might need to limit the max speed a bit as I found the weapon motor is actually 380kv, so 19000RPM max at 12S (340MPH).


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    Today I started boring out the inside of the drum for the hub motor, and took then ends off the motor can. Turned down the end of the titanium shaft to fit the bearing block and drilled the stator of the motor to fit on the shaft.

    Unfortunately my lathe doesn't have enough torque to run the huge drill I am using so now need to wait on some boring bars before I can continue.


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    Sweet! all sounds like it should be a beast, is there a reason you're using the propdrives over other 12s outrunners? especially for the drum itself.

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    Figured people would be interested to know where the parts are from...

    I got a load of the NTM motors and the batteries in a hobbyking sale a few months back for about half price.
    The focbox are from the first version of triforce before we switched to our own controllers.
    The titanium bar is from a huge job lot of off cuts I got from a machine shop.
    Hardox is cut and bent by kcut.
    Aluminium plate and round stock from Aluminium Warehouse.
    Shock mounts from polymax.
    Wheel polyurethane casting rubber from MB fibreglass.
    All bearings from simply bearings.
    Belts from belting online.
    Bolts from orbital fasteners.
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    We got accepted for Insomnia! So now the epic panic build begins. We called the bot 'Elevate'

    Before we can even begin to make the aluminium frame we need to finish building our new cnc mill (which is rather massive) so I spent the whole day assembling it.


    We are using hiwin linear rails this time, of course the bolt heads don't quite fit. So had to machine 60 bolts to have very slightly thinner heads.

    Once the bolts were done I mounted the rails on the extrusion. This is really easy since it all self aligns to the rails (assuming they are actually straight!) This works for the X and Y axis.


    The Z axis will be mounted on a big plate of aluminium I have from the last mill. Need to get somewhere to put a bunch of holes in it!
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