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Thread: Team Triforce Featherweight drum

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    Team Kaizen

    Looks gorgeous so far, love the use of a single block of aluminum, Does it weigh significantly different compared to the last drum?
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    The aluminium centre weighs almost exactly the same, the bigger bearings are about twice as heavy as the small ones which adds about 500g, the titanium shaft is also heavier but that's not spinning.

    This is a render of what it might look like after all the changes I am making.
    Elevate 2 V2 v38.jpg

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    Got the first tooth on now, I forgot how hard it was to make the holes properly.
    Have to clamp the tooth in place then drill a half hole in the aluminium using the hardox as a guide.


    After much mess and injury all the bolts fit, some threads are a bit ruined lol

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    Time to try making a wheel, following the great instructions in Ellis' video on making wheels I turned down a piece of HDPE and screwed some bike tyre too it.

    The HDPE looks like a tape cassette has exploded when you machine it. lol
    After cleaning up the mess I cut up the tyre and screwed it in with these low profile screws.

    I just got a cheap tyre from Decathlon which was £10. It was surprisingly easy to cut.

    This is the finished product!

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    Great stuff all round. That wheel looks very neat!

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    I like these bolts you used for the tyre, i have a package of 250 here with me now for that reason

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    Quote Originally Posted by Roboteernat View Post
    I like these bolts you used for the tyre, i have a package of 250 here with me now for that reason
    Just make sure you drill a 4mm hole for them or they just chew up the hdpe.

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    Over the weekend, I managed to finally finish the drum and get it mounted in the chassis.


    Then modified the chassis to fit the new wheels on by cutting off the wheel guards, they weigh about 600g so I can add some more somewhere else...


    For the Robodojo this weekend I am running the drum with a NTM5060, which is probably a bit under powered. I have ordered a TP Power 4070 1000kv which should fit in the battery compartment (the batteries will move) and make the drum much more powerful.

    There is also some talk of using a TP Power 5870, which might be a bit too big for a featherweight, but hey if it can drive upside down using the drum as a wheel I won't be complaining!

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