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Thread: Team Triforce Featherweight drum

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    Been doing some reading on continuous current of the focbox, looks like they are almost certainly overheating with the 60A motor current. So I will need to add a chunk of aluminium to the bottom of the one for the drum and change the thermal pad for something a bit less rubbish.

    As for the bad drive reliability, I have ordered some MOD1 spur gears, 12T and 80T, which still lets it go 19mph, but with almost twice the torque. Going to increase the wheel size from 70mm to 85mm so it gets stuck on the floor less. I am fed up trying to get belts to work right, they are very finicky and an easy target.

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    Just took apart the drum, the motor looks a bit burned lol. I think when it got hit the drum moved slightly and the magnets hit the stator.
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    I think it had about 10-15mm before I am changing the size of the wheels, should have about 30mm after.

    So this is why the drum broke:

    I am replacing the tiny 10mm aluminium shaft with a 20mm titanium one. Also going to take the motor out of the drum for now and run it with a 15mm htd5 belt instead. It will still be the same speed, maybe slightly wider and with bigger bearings.

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    The taper rollers are probably overkill, but they are much longer so less likely to bend shafts.

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    Finally finished machining the aluminium core of the drum on the lathe and got the bearings fitting.

    Now I need to put the teeth on and that bit is finished. Then make some new end supports and finish the shaft.

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