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Thread: First Event with Heavy, need Adivce

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    Hello Guys!

    I planing to visit my first event with my Heavyweight LockDown.
    Its my first event ever, and so there are some questions left. Maybe you can help me out.

    Robot meets als FRA Rules, (I think ) but theres is one thing left im not really sure.
    I use Hydraulic and Question is about the Bleeding Valve. My Pump uses a build in Pressure Regulator and Bleeding valve. So is it enought to demonstrate this with an external manometer on a testing point an the System, or do I need a extra Bleeding walve after the Pump?

    Also Question is, Sponsoring commercial allowed on Events? Nothing big, just a a Local Store here which would pay Team Shirts with a small Logo on.

    Thanks for your Answers. Want to make sure everything is good, cause dont wanna drive 1400km one way and cant start because of some thing i didnt know.

    Best regards

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    That's quite a technical question and a bit out of my field but I think
    if your not using an ecumulator and the system pressure can be seen
    via a gauge you would probably know more than the tech checkers
    unless its thier field of expertees.

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